The Good Fight

Four college students travel from Michigan to Washington DC to attend the Women's March on Washington. While there, a set of troubling encounters cause them to consider how effective activism begins with real relationships.

The Good Fight is a short documentary about the experience of four college students who travel to attended the Women's March on Washington.

On the way to DC, these women express some of their excitement leading up to the march, and reflect on the issues they've encountered when having conversations about politics.

While at the march, they find themselves conflicted by a set of encounters with a group of Christians who are actively protesting the march with signs, megaphones, and abrasive language.


As they process their experience on the ride home, they begin to consider what it could look like to actually love their neighbor and listen to those who are vulnerable and voiceless in their midst. They begin to realize that effective activism starts with real relationships.



a film by Michael Lentz